Guitar Lesson, Autopsy of a guitar Solo, Voivod Obsolete Beings
Dan Mongrain (Voivod) Obsolete Beings Solo Playthrough
Dan Mongrain(Voivod) Transcription of Allan Holdsworth's City Nights (compossed by Gary Husband)
Dan Mongrain (Voivod) - Nameless Faceless Neverborn (Martyr) Guitar Playthrough
Dan Mongrain (Voivod) plays Pat Metheny's Solar Solo
Dan Mongrain (Voivod) - Post Society - Guitar Playthrough
Ace of Spade (Cover) - Lisa LeBlanc & Voivod - FEQ - July 11th 2017
Dan Mongrain's (Voivod) Short Tribute To Allan Holdsworth
18-19 years old Dan Mongrain fooling around old demo
Voivod - Obsolete Beings - Vidéo officiel
Dan Mongrain (Voivod) Playing Jimmy Herring's Scapegoat Blues
Space Oddity (David Bowie) by Jurassik Rock 2015
Voivod - Post Society (Official Video)
Voivod - Order Of The Black Guard - Deathcrusher Tour 2015
Voivod - Chaosmongers - Deathcrusher Tour 2015
Voivod - Post Society (Philadelphia, PA) 2016
Amnesia Rockfest 2016 - Voivod - Psychic Vacuum - live 2016
Caught By Surprise - Guitar Playthrough
Expain - Corridors Of The Mind - Guitar Playthrough Feat. Dan Mongrain of Voivod